Listening In

A Symposium by JHU's Center for Advanced Media Studies, with support from JHU Film and Media Studies

PARKING: Metered spots are available on N. Charles Street (for up to 8 hours) and E. University Parkway (for up to 4 hours). Both of these streets border the JHU Homewood Campus. Parking garage parking is available at the Mason Hall Parking Garage, which is good but more expensive. It is underneath Mason Hall and accessed from Wyman Park Drive (between San Martin and Art Museum Drives).


For Thursday's Matmos performance @ Mudd Auditorium

From N. Charles Street:

Walk up and into campus. Once you pass the library, you are on the upper quad. Walk halfway down the quad. On your right, you will see a set of columns with a staircase behind them. Take these steps. Walk the pathway until it dead-ends at Mudd Hall.

From University Parkway. To get to campus, simply cross University Parkway and enter into the gate. You will walk past the university's athletic center on your right. Follow the brick path down the hill past a large building on your right that is all mirrored glass and a lower brick building that is connected. The next opportunity you have to take a path on your right, take it.  Keep right on this path when it branches. This will take you to Mudd Hall. It is on your immediate right. Go into the building, into the atrium, and then down the steps to either your right or left. This will take you to the Auditorium, which is where the show is happening. Doors open at 7:30.


For Friday's sound talks in the Sherwood Room @Levering Hall
From N. Charles Street:
Walk up and into campus. Once you pass the university library, you will be on the upper quad. The library anchors one end, and a large building with a clock tower (Gilman Hall) anchors the other. Walk halfway down the quad. You will see a set of columns with a large marble staircase on the left. Go down these steps. Make an immediate right. The walkway you are on will dead-end at Levering Hall.

From E. University Parkway:
Enter campus by the main gate on University Parkway. Follow this brick path until it ends at the upper quad. Follow the directions above.

From Mason Hall Parking Garage:
Come out from the underground garage and walk all the way across the quad. Walk down the right-hand-side of the quad (from your perspective). Pass Garland Hall on your left. Levering Hall will be on your left just after it.

When you enter, the Sherwood Room will be on your left.